Welcome to The Keto Diet

A Beginners Guide To Keto

If you want to get healthy, lose weight, look good, burn fat fast, jumpstart your metabolism easily and healthily then you have come to the right place.

Hi my name is Tracey Ward and the first time I heard about Keto or Ketosis was when I took park in ITV’s The Fast Fix: Diabetes back in 2018. Now I want to say straightaway we were not on a Keto Diet we were on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) which just so happened to put us into a state called ketosis.

There Are 2 Ways To Get Into Ketosis

  1. Go onto a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This is the way I did it in the documentary in which you will need to consume 4 shakes a day and the details of this with plenty of tips and advice etc. can be found on my sister website TraceyWard.Me A VLCD is an excellent place to start if you have a lot of weight to lose etc but when you come off the VLCD to keep it off you must not return to previous habits and I suggest that you use the time to read up and get your head around a real keto diet.
  2. Eat a low carb, high fat diet also known as The Keto Diet.

Not only did being in ketosis help me to lose weight and inches it also reduced my fibromyalgia symptoms greatly. But I will talk about chronic health conditions in due course. I am by no means an expert and I am learning new things every day but I am a real person with real problems, health issues etc and believe that this diet is the way forward.

I look forward to hearing all of your success stories, your recipes, your tips!

Here’s to a Happy Keto future.