Shopping Trip

Shopping Trip

I spent an hour walking around Asda but before I did I had actually prepared a shopping list.  The one thing that I had stopped doing and I don’t honestly know why I stopped.  But Sunday I went through all of my Keto recipe books and did a basic meal plan for the week.  So thought I would share this with you as honestly; planning a keto meal plan on your first week isn’t as scary as you would think.

I know my weakness has always been biscuits with coffee so I made a promise to myself.  The only biscuits that will now go into my mouth will have to be home-made and a keto or low carb recipe.  I will share the recipe for these biscuits later this week.  So my decision was as I love my morning coffee that breakfast will be a keto biscuit with black coffee with a splash of MCT oil (I will talk about MCT oil also later in the week).

Lunch because I was in a rush was an Exante shake with a scoop of collagen powder added.  My evening meal is going to be roast chicken, cauliflower mash and broccoli followed by some fresh coconut.  The only other thing I will be consuming is water and a lot of it because I never drink enough.

Now some of the things I got on my shopping spree was, lots of salad items, full fat cheese, real butter, avocados, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, coconuts, nitrate free bacon, organic eggs, good quality sausages, steaks, broccoli, tenderstem broccoli, green beans, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts and walnuts, tinned plum tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, full fat cream cheese, ground almonds, almond butter, coffee and a few other things.

So the planned meals are going to be the roast chicken tonight and the left over chicken will be turned into a salad to take to college tomorrow and a home-made keto dressing.  I plan to have salad for most of my lunches as I love it but I can add to it cooked bacon, egg, cheese, chicken etc.  Evening meals are going to consist of steak with greens, omelette and veggies, keto fry up, complete with healthy fats.  

That doesn’t sound too complicated does it.  I will be adding a lot of recipes as I go along.

So time to dip your toe into keto!


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